Feeding the Flock.


10 Years
Apr 29, 2009
Northeastern Michigan
So I'm wondering how much a chicken eats a day, week, month whatever scale you know. I've read vastly different amounts from different sources, the numbers are different but the factors contributing to that number are the same, which is strange. So I'd love to see what number is most commonly quoted and if you have an estimate as to what your personal flock actually eats leave that too.

Please leave the following info if you can.
1. Number of chickens (number of hens/ roosters, broilers, layers, or just pets)
2. Age
3. Breed weight (Light, medium, heavy, giant, or bantam)
4. Free ranged (none, some, all day)
5. Climate (always warm, hot n cold, or always cold, dry or wet)
6. Coop Info (none, insulated, heated)
7. Feed (layer-mash crumbles, pellets, scratch alone, table/ garden scraps, supplements) *should have been #1 question!
8. Anything else that might seem relevant.

I'd love to see what everyone else is feeding and how much, I just buy a bag when I get low and have never really kept track. I'm planning on buying a full months worth all at once either in December (after keeping track in Nov) or maybe November if I get some good responses that mesh with my chicken situation here. Plus everyone is trying to cut back on prices these days without cutting back on our chickens well being, so maybe we can help each other out and even learn something too. Thanks everyone!
Well I was thinking about this today..

I have 18 hens, 1 rooster, 2 turkeys, 2 guineas that free range all day. It's cold in the winter hot in the summer and the coop is not insulated. I keep thier feeder full and sometimes throw some out in the yard and I go through 50 lbs a week. That includes the 2-3 feeders full that my 2 year olds dump out in the coope.

I have 17 7-8 week old pullets, 5 bigger pullets, 4 bantem pullets, 1 bantem rooster and 1 momma bantem with 4 babies...they have a large fenced area and they go through about 20 lbs a week of starter/finisher

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