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I'm new to this and can't find advice anywhere on how much or how often to supply feed to our new clan! They are 5 days old and when I do feed them it seems to be gone very quick! I don't want to over/under feed.
We leave food for chicks in there with them at all times.. they will stop eating when they're full.. Good Luck! They are fun!
I offer free choice at all times to the layers, and have since I got them. Meat bred chickens (Cornish cross) should have feed withheld for 12hours on, 12 off, when they get a bit older. If your chicks are only 5 days old, they should have free choice food in a manner that keeps them from scattering or pooping in it too much (an actual feeder instead of just spreading it on the floor).

You'll want to make sure they have feed and fresh water available at all times at this age
Yes to free feed access at all times; suggest you keep it in a chick feeder if you do not already have one. Also free access to clean water at all times (in a chick waterer) is critical!

City Chicks recommends dicing hard-boiled eggs and mixing in ground flax meal and sesame seeds. We have been doing this with our flock to supplement their protein and omegas and they LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Our hens are now 5 months old and still get this protein treat every now and then.

Remember when feeding anything not crumble or pellets to also include a box of sand!! They will eat it (which is very good for them) and also take "dust baths" in it.
I'm confused? I've read to give cooked egg yolks, that it is good for them, if I have crumbles out and give them the yolks the first few days I get them (new arrival day olds) canI give them the cooked yolk with the grit and wait till day 3? or not give the cooked yolks if they aren't eatting the crumble mixture. They are suppose to be here tomorrow or Tues. I cooked some eggs tonight just incase someone was a little weak or not a good eatter? Now I don't know what to do?
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