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5 Years
Jan 14, 2015
Pooler, Georgia
I have 2 BO & 2 RIR, all 17 weeks old, I'm still giving them start-n-grow.
I just noticed that the bag says up to 16 wks. They still have a half bagleft. Can I finish giving it to them. I did start them on grit last week, I offer it separately from their feed every other day and dried mealworms daily as a treat. What should I do as I want nice eggs with dark orange yolks?
By all means, finish the bag. Then, you can either change to layer, or continue the grower. You'll want to supplement some calcium if you don't use layer feed.

Dark orange yolks seem to come from leafy greens. You don't have many birds, so a handful or so a day should be enough.
Mine love the leafy greens, I cut them with herb scissors so they are bite size. Lettuce is mostly water and I offer it during summer heat.

Marigolds give the deep yellow yolks, they seem to prefer the leaves and don't care for the flowers, but love the seeds. Purina layer adds marigold to their feeds for this purpose. But I grow it just for them.

You really should transition them over to the layer feed by mixing the started with the layer feed - start with 1:4 mix and then 50% and then 75% and then 100 %. I would select the same form they get now, if on crumbles or pellets get the layer feed in the same form, makes for easy transition.

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