May 22, 2015
I have bought 10 hybrid chickens at 19 week 5 days is it ok to feed
Them a mix of 3/4 corn 1/4 layer
Pellet till first egg or for a week then all pellets
Cheers Phil
Yes about the layer pellets after first eggs. However, corn is not considered complete nutrition. You can get grower feed, or an all flock feed, something like that will ensure proper nutrients.
If your looking to add something to their diet then just layer feed I suggest black sunflower whole seeds. Approx. $20 for 50 LBS bag it has 15% protein. Give as a treat only not as a meal. Throw in a little whole corn as treat as well. Most store bought crack corn is missing the "germ" best part of the kernel contains the oil. If you go this route I would add extra grit to aid in the digestion of these treats. I do feed my chickens 50% whole corn in the hard winter months when egg production is low to save $ and it does fatten them up a bit, but only the few cold Winter months.

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