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8 Years
Apr 26, 2011
n cali.
my question has probably been asked a hundred times,I am about to move my chicks out side they will be free range with layer feed available at all times in their coop.we have alot of rats here,how can i keep them out of my feed.
First, please don't feed young chicks layer feed; the extra calcium causes kidney damage. Feed everyone a grower or flock raiser instead. For rats, there are a lot of threads in the predator section on this. It helps to take up the feed at dark, but you need to give it back very early in the morning. In the end you need to get rid of the rats; if they are big enough, they can even attack young chicks. The only thing that has worked for me is poison, a particular kind, that hopefully won't harm the chickens if they eat a dead rat or mouse. Of course you have to be sure the chickens can't eat the poison. I put it down the rat hold then cover it with a concrete block.


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