Feedstore Selling Single Combed Doms? from Privett-Another Encounter


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Had a frustrating encounter with feedstore personnel (not the one where I sell my extra birds) today. They were having Chick Days. Theirs are from Privett. First my DH tells the lady at the counter that several of the chicks have bad pasty butt. She says, Huh? He explains that they can die if it isnt removed. Then she says someone from FFA comes in and knows what he's doing. I tell her that it's one of those things that you have to keep up on, that they can actually die if it stays plugged. She is not overly concerned. You can tell she'd never touch a chick! Then my DH looks in the stack brooder and says to me, Are these Doms or BRs? (he cant see them well because they are on the bottom) The typed label on the front reads "Dominiquers". I sqat down and guess what? There's a brooder full of single combs in there, not a rose comb to be found. I tell her they are mislabeled, that these are Barred Rocks, not Doms. She says they were labeled that way from the hatchery. I tell her that hatcheries mislabel them sometimes, make mistakes. She says, would they do that two years in a row? I tell her, I breed Barred Rocks, they are a different breed from a Dom and then my DH takes the Storey's book on chicken breeds off the shelf and shows her a Dom rooster and a Barred Rock comb. She says, well, will the comb change? She still doesnt get it. She says customers dont care. My DH says he'd care. They need to know what they're selling, for goodness sake! Two big guys walk in, point and say, Here's Dominickers. I say, They're Barred Rocks, not Doms and walk out.
I need to open my own feedstore!
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What ever happened to caring and the old saying "The customer is always right"? You hear more and more stories about bad care of animals in stores. You would think that they would want to care for their animals so they can sell them and not loose them. Then there used to be such a thing as the customer came first. As the customer in there voicing a concern over mis-labeled chicks and chicks that need care she should have given you more attention and listened!
Yeah, well, I briefly told her about my only experience with how much an FFA kid cared (I know they are not all like this! I think FFA is great). I bought Hawkeye from an FFA kid. Remember the story of Hawkeye? He had favus and lice and was missing parts of his comb and his wattle was full of scar tissue, plus he was drinking black, dirty water and eating only corn. Yeah, the FFA part didnt convince me those feedstore chicks were being cared for properly at all!
Whether the kid is in FFA or not doesn't mean they know how to care for them. I wouldn't be surprised if they said they had called the school and wanted someone from FFA to come and care for the chicks and then took whoever voleentered to take the job. I wonder if anyone showed the kid how to take care of the chicks?
Go to Lowes or Home Depot and ask for help in the plumbing or Electrical Dept. Same thing, I dont know nothing I just run the register. Ask a question and get that look, like hey I just get paid to be here, doesnt mean I know anything.
Cyn open your own feedstore!! At leat that way people would get what they paid for and free sexing! I'm very lucky in that my local feedstore is run by a wonderful family who are very knowledgable and do all they can to make sure you get the right thing ( even if it's not what you walk in there and ask for )
Oh, yeah, those rare single combed BRITISH Doms, LOL.
I hear you about Home Depot, Dennis and agree completely. The difference is that the pipes and fixtures don't die an unpleasant death if the employees are clueless.
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