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    Apr 27, 2010
    I am having such a time I thought I would share. I have had my rir mix hen Ruby for over a year now along with a few other hens that never wanted to be mommys. So when I came across an adorably sweet game hen, I snatched her up and named her Inky(short for incubator lol). She finally started sitting 12 days ago so I put 7 eggs under her and was super excited. Two days later what do I find... Ruby sitting on the nest and broody. I guess it was contageous. I put 6 eggs under her. Two days ago my mother in law came to check out my pigs and her little mutt stole 2 eggs from Inky's nest while she was getting a bite to eat. I was so angry but to top it off, my MIL decided to keep my hens safe she would close the coop early so her dog couldn't get in. Inky was still OUT! All night long, my babies were cooling and poor broody Inky was left to sleep in a tree! Today, I had the bright idea to take a few of Ruby's eggs and give them to Inky. When I lifted Ruby up there was only 3 eggs left and one was pecked at the top and empty and the other two were covered in goo. This hen is up high and no dog can get to her. In addition when I dumped the box to clean it (after I disposed of my last remaining soon to hatch eggs) there were bits of egg shell mixed with the bedding. I think Ruby was eating her eggs. What should I do. To top off losing all my developing eggs, my other hens got mad and started laying somewhere else and I don't know where to find them to collect them and put them under Inky! HELP
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    Don't you just love when people try to "help" you out with things?? Sorry about the eggs... I don't know what to say except maybe leave them cooped up until afternoon when they most likely have already layed?
    Good luck to you [​IMG]
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    That is so sad. I am so sorry. I am still very new to the whole broody hen hatching another hens eggs. One of my silkies have been setting for 19 days! Two to go so we'll see. [​IMG] I don't have a ton of experience with other breeds but I can tell you that once she went broody my other silkie hen went broody as well and they now tag team the nest. I don't know if that's normal but it seems to be working. I would suggest adopting a silkie if you are wanting a surrogate as they are known to be great at it. Good luck.
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    I'm so sorry! [​IMG]
    What if you moved Inky and her remaining/new brood inside, into a box/dog kennel/cat carrier where you can keep a good eye on her and nothing else will bother her? Then Ruby will not be able to get at the eggs either.

    Best of luck!

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