Feeling frazzled... How to start free ranging?!


Jul 19, 2016
New Hampshire
Hello everyone! I am new too the group as well as ducks! I have only ever raised roller pigeons so I feel like a foreigner haha I have 6 five month khakis 3 male and 3 female they coexist with two young chickens and two 7 week old khakis ducklings( rescued one is blind in one eye :( ) I really want to free range these guys I think it's only fair but I'm afraid they'll take off they can be a bit skittish still but all go put themselves to bed in the coop at night from their run my concern is that my back yard has a year long active Brook within feet of the coop on one side... How have others began free ranging? Any advice would be greatly appreciated thank you!
By the time ours started to free-range they already established where their coop was and wouldn't stray to far from it. The furthest they go is toward the house and where their old coop used to be. They shouldn't wander to far. They will typically walk as a whole and it takes them awhile to leave one spot. The older ones should look after the ducklings. Just let them wander on their own and they will gradually get more comfortable with not being in the run. We always have the coop and run doors open so they have to go back in if they want to eat. We started with them being under very close supervision but now we let them out when we're home with the dog outside and go about our business. We never let them out when no ones home though just in case. They will love to swim in the brook and it's great how close it is to their coop. I wouldn't worry too much about them flying away since they know that their coop is their home and the wouldn't abandon it. Ours have only ever tried to fly back to the coop from across the yard when they get spooked.

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