feet genetics anyone?


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Oct 9, 2008
Bremen, Ky
I have heard that the 5 toes of a silkie are dominant, is this true? I have also heard (and not from a person that I would consider a reliable source, lol) that is they only have 1 5 toe gene, that is where you get the birds with 5 toes on one foot and not on the other, is there truth to this?

Also if feet feathering dominant or recessive?



There are two different genes that control foot feathering and both genes are dominant. The more dominant genes the bird has the heavier the feathering.
Most traits are determined by two genes so a feather footed bird can only have one gene, two genes, three genes or four genes. The bird with four genes will have the heaviest foot feathering.

Polydactyly (five toes) can be caused by two different genes. Some birds carry genes that can inhibit the expression of five toes. A bird could have the genes for polydactyly but will not have five toes because the gene or genes supress the five toes.

Some birds have heterodactyly ( one foot five toes and the other 4 toes). This is a modification of polydactyly and is caused by the polydactyly gene plus modifying factors.


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