fellow new yorkers


8 Years
Jun 16, 2011
New York
there have been calls out for volunteers and donations in schoharie county. They are really truly needed. Been very extremely busy sorting through my own home and washing bed linens and blankets and getting ready to take down more needed items for the folks in evacuation shelters, in addition to receiving long term company for the next couple months. Heres a link if you are interested in finding out more and would like to try to help. http://www.crcs.k12.ny.us/ Our generator went out today on loan to friends who were able to get back to their home today they are not expected to get power back until thursday late night. We also gave them a dozen of our eggs they were so excited they were having omlets for dinner tonight
Thank you for your generosity! I am sorry we are too far away to help. Congrats on being prepared yourself! Hopefully others will learn that they need to be more prepared and more willing to help each other out. No one can do this alone!

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