Female Faverolles ... where to order?


9 Years
Feb 1, 2010
I am thinking of ordering three sexed female Faverolles chicks. From what I can tell, I can order five from Cackle for $28.85, or 3 for $41.70 from My Pet Chicken.

Does anyone have experience with either of these hatcheries? Any words of wisdom?

These are for a backyard situation in the suburbs of Houston. I am interested in this breed because of their docility.


I didn't see Faverolles on their site, which made me think they don't have them. Should I call or send an email?

Meyer Hatchery in OH has them too. I don't know where Cackle or MPC ships from. Your best choice would be the one closest to you that lets you order the amount you need.
Cackle ships from Missouri and they do have Faverolle pullets--5 for $13.85. I have ordered from them several times and had really good experiences. Their minimum order is 15.

ETA: Looking in the back of their catalog, you can order just 5 but it is much more expensive, $41.00 including shipping.
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I don't know where you are in Texas, but Melissa ( pasofinfarms ) here on BYC sometimes has chicks. You should pm her and see when she's going o hatch again. Salmon Favs can be sexed at just days old .. and she has really nice birds ..

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