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11 Years
Nov 11, 2008
Murray Kentucky
I'm considering fencing in my 1.1 acre yard with a split rail fence [three rails] and was contemplating if this would work out for ducks. The ducks I'm considering are Khaki Campbell or Cayuga. Still weighing in on that.

I'm wondering though, what the minimum height would be to discourage them from jumping through.

What I'm considering is this.


The bottom of which would be a hardware cloth or similar style of metal fencing which would be stapled to the inside to keep them from blatantly walking under. The very top of the bottom rail would be no less than 18" off the ground. If that's not high enough, the second rail would be 36" to the top, however I do NOT want to have wire that high, at all.

Thoughts? Input? Inquiring mind.
is the fencing for keeping predators out as well? if you buy the coated wire fencing to cover all of the split rail fence then run a strand or two of electric fencing wire along the bottom, you'd both keep the ducks in, and keep digging/climbing predators out. good luck with the project
Not much of an issue at all around here with predators so I'm not as concerned about that. However I do have a small pack charge unit and wire, so I could electrify it. Being suburban though, I'd need to post signs about it every 8' along the fence. :p

Really don't want to cover the whole fence with wire. Just the bottom 18". Also decided on Welsh Harlequins as the breed of choice, so will be placing an order soon for some.
So no one else has two cents to toss in on this? Inquiring mind is starving. One acre of three rail fence with 18" to the top of the bottom rail blocked off with some kind of wire fencing.. Will ducks be just as happy to stay inside, or might they choose to try and jump the said 18" high section with 1" thick rough sawn lumber at the top of their leap.
I have Pekins, Silver Appleyards, Rouens, Black Swedish, Runners and Runner mixes. They can all clear 18 inches pretty easily. My Muscovy just fly around the yard so a fence would be useless.
I have runners who can fumble over 18 inches easily (it's how they get in the tub). I would go to that second rail just to be safe. I had a non permanent fence in my dad's backyard while i lived with him (after I moved back home from out of state before finding my own place) and we set up a plastic wire fence to keep them in one half of the yard. the stinkers would hop over it or snuggle under it... punks. lol
Ok... So what's the max size wire spacing you would use. 3x3? Ducklings will stay with their mother (in the event that we ever hatch any) so all I've got to worry about is keeping the adults and juveniles in, yes?
I'm planning to put wire fencing (welded wire) up in addition to the regular fencing. I think it's just a good idea, but then again, I'm a belt AND suspenders type of person, so to speak.

When I purchased one of my ducks, there was a frightened Muscovy trying to get back inside its 5 foot fenced yard. Of of course there was at least a foot of snow inside the enclosed part of the fencing and not on the outside. My Cayuga drake would for sure find a way to fly over that if I took his girl Beaker away (he's just a little bit in love with her).

I live on five acres. Half of it is wooded. My neighbors also have several acres and behind us is a farm. We have coyotes, foxes, hawks, raccoon, neighbors' big dogs, outdoor cats, etc. for predators. Even if we didn't have the wild type of predators, I'd still be worried about dogs, cats, and raccoons jumping/climbing over the fence.

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