fence heights for chickens with clipped wings

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    I know for chickens with unclipped wings you need a fence at least 6 feet tall. But how tall a fence do you need for chickens with clipped wings? Is there a diffrence between the two?
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    If both wings are clipped, 6 foot is still do able. If one wing is clipped correctly, 6' might hold them. chickens are determined, and if running away from something, 6' isn't a feat. Also, are you going to cover to protect from hawks?
  3. We have 6 foot fence around ours and we clip only one wing. They can't clear the fence by flying but if they are determined they can climb a six foot fence. We have maybe on average one bird every 3 months that tries to climb the fence and makes it over.
  4. i got egg layers and they can't get over my 4 foot fence, however i cliped my blue andalusian rooster cause he could get on a 7 foot tall bar, now cliped he doesn't get over the 4 foot fence

    all u need is one cliped wing
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