Apr 2, 2020
Today...our ducks found their way in to the neighbors yard...twice šŸ˜³. They were digging with their head down and walking...and when they looked up...were in another yard lol. But it can't keep happening. We have a chainlink fence around our property but it was there when we moved in and while its very straight and sturdy...it wasn't put low enough. Some places are 7 or more inches off the ground so the ducks (and one of our dogs) can just escape (however the darn dog knows better). So...thoughts on what to put on the bottom? I thought hardware cloth with trimmed ties would be the least junky looking but maybe y'all have some other great ideas before I go broke buying HC (the fence is around one acre) šŸ˜µ.

Going Quackers

9 Years
May 24, 2011
On, Canada
Chicken wire would work, it's cheaper than HC i can relate despite being rural, my scovies did this for years, that is what i did.. but we had farm fence around the property so it was easier to adapt cosmetically speaking.

I have a chain link in my main holding area for my ducks high spots where they can sneak under i have fixed by using wooden lattice but that certainly isn't a cheap option for an acre lol.

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