Fencing Gap Thoughts?


Jun 10, 2022
Looking to put in a backyard fence for future chickens to run around backyard. Would likely be going with Cochin or Buff Orpington breeds.

I have an option between a 3 inch and 4 inch gap between the fence pickets. (4 inch more money)

Which size would you go with to keep Cochin or Buff from escaping?


neither would be small enough to keep them in until they're well into adulthood, in my experience. wouldn't keep predators out either. there's also the chance of them just flying over. my chickens could fly over 6' fencing until they were a year old. they can still jump about five feet.
.....they may well fly over 4'.

An important note.

Chickens seem less likely to fly over the electric net than to fly over solid fence -- probably because they can land on top of the sturdier material and then go down instead of having to fly up and over.

Clipping wings may or may not solve the problem depending on the nature of the bird.

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