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Ok I built my first run with 48" hardware wire. This works great except for one thing.

It is only 4 feet tall and I am 5.5 ft tall, and this is HORRIBLE on a back!

Any ideas on how to make a taller fence? The 48" hardware wire is the tallest I can find.

We used 8 foot 2x4's in our run, and where the hardware cloth stopped and started again in the middle, we wired shut with some medium gauge wire, until we ran out of said wire, then we used tin snips to cut between each square on the harware cloth edge, then bent them out and twisted the two ends of each 4' section together.

Does that make sense, LOL?

Hope it helped-
My 3x2 welded wire was applied in three horizontal sections. There is some overlap. The ends are twisted to the adjoining sections instead of being snipped off. Hope that made sense. A close up picture is called for here, and I don't have one at the moment, but maybe you see what I mean. I plan to go back soon with 1/2 hardware cloth - 30" and do whatever it takes to go up 5 of my six feet and turn out away from the pen on the bottom for at least a foot. Probably going to be time consuming doing all that twisting for attaching between posts! LOL!
I thought of something while reading this...When I worked on a bridge crew we had a wire tier that we tied re-bar with and whatever else we could get our hands on
anyway if you had allot to do you might find one of these at a rental shop. They look almost like a cordless drill. They are cordless and very easy to use. They also use a special wire but it goes a long way......just a thought if you have a little or allot to do with that thing you can GO! GO! GO!
I use 6' chicken wire it works great and I do not have to stoop since I am 5'5".

But cant you run another 4' wire above the existing one row? Overlap it some, you just need to secure it with some ties of sorts maybe zip ties.

That would work fine
They do make galvanized hardware wire 6'tall, but it is exxxxpensssive! You can maybe talk a local hardware store into ordering some for you. You can order it on line, but would cost a fortune w/ shipping.
Increase the height to 6'0" tall buy buying more 48" fencing, cutting it in half, and putting in new posts. In other words, add to what you've got by 50%.

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