Fermented feed vs fodder


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Sep 29, 2014
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Fermenting feed produces beneficial nutrients from the waste products of the good bacteria consuming the sugars in the mix. It creates a more complete amino acid profile which means more of the protein especially in the feed is made available and is easily digested.

Sprouting on the other hand uses up the anti nutrients that ensure the seed survives in suspended animation until the right conditions are available for it to grow. Once the seed starts to germinate, more nutrients become available and are more easily absorbed by the chickens.

Thats as I understand the processes.

Both are very beneficial. I'd taken a break from fermenting my feed but decided to start up again and my chickens gorged themselves the first day I offered it. They love sprouts too but it's currently too humid where I am and the mold will unfortunately get it before the chickens would.


Jun 20, 2018
Pacific Northwest
Holy smokes! Good answer! Thanks. We’ve been fermenting but when we saw the sprouting option we thought we we missing out on maximum nutrition for the buck. But you’ve really clarified that it’s not a simple comparison and environmental issues also have to be considered as well as other goals. Thx.

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