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    I was given 5-5gallon buckets of spent barley. It was free so I didn't ask many questions :D
    Now I need to figure how to store it. It is Wet so I'm thinking I should try to put it all into a big plastic trash can and add some acv or yeast & ferment it. It would take me 3 weeks to utilize 5 buckets full. Will the ferment/silage last that long? Or do i have to worry about it going bad? Today is cool but im sure the heat will return to us soon....any thoughts?

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    Well if anyone cares I went ahead and mixed the barley with a little water and yeast in a 20 gallon trash can. I will post tomorrow with an update on the fermentation. BTW, after a day of avoiding the mash, today the birds (chickens,ducks,geese) were going crazy for it.
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    Dec 11, 2011
    I don't have any experience with fermenting feeds. Just did a gallon size of laying mash and scratch grain with ACV and water. They loved it. Now need to ferment a larger qty. my question was, if I made up a 5 gal bucket and used from it daily, but added to it daily, would it spoil?
    I'll see if I can research for both of us.

    Can you sprout some of it so they could get some greens?
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    Jun 23, 2011
    I work at a brewery and they give me their spent grain, I freeze it. it will sour within a day or two if left at room temp or warmer, it will last a bit longer in the fridge. If you live where its really cold outside, you could probably leave it in a bucket outside in the shade, but I just freeze it myself. The love the stuff...I actually have to ration it out, because once they start eating it, they won't stop.

    Happy brewing [​IMG]

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