Fertile duck eggs, free for local pick up

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  1. jducour

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    Mar 14, 2015
    I have 4 female ducks and two male. I get 3-4 fertile eggs every day, and I would love to see some hatched. If anyone local is interested, please let me know. I am not sure about shipping at this time, maybe you can talk me into it :) They will all be mixed breed, but I can tell you the breed of the mother. My most active male (and Alpha) is a pure bred fawn and white runner. The other male duck is a Khaki Campbell, but he doesn't mate nearly as much as the Runner. The females are a blue runner (green eggs), and chocolate runner (very petite, only 2 lbs), and two Welsh Harlequins. One gold, and one silver (their eggs are identical). Let me know if you are interested, I would just love to see some ducklings from my little family!

    Oh - I am in the Salt Lake Valley in Utah :)
  2. Trevor555444

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    Nov 10, 2015
    Hi I, Trevor from Glasgow high school in Newark delaware I am an Fifa officer we would like up to about 16 duck eggs for agriculture classes I am currently the head and representative of the ag department we have a barn and little koi pond we would like to raise them in our third block class we currently have incubators heatlamps and other things needed for them so if you could send us some
    To Glasgow high school ag department that would be really help full and they say bad things about the school but it really not true plus the ag department never tolerates misuse or mistreatment of any animals or living creatures if you have any more questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at [email protected]
    The Ud farms and Fifa will help us
    Our advior has left which she left me I charge of everything until I get out new but knowledge able advisor up to speed. We have lots of room and space for them to play
    We would love it if you could come down here sometime and check it out and the chicks could not be in safer hands then myself I'm kinda a know it all when it comes to animals
    Sinceraly on behalf of Glasgow high school Fifa and ag department
    Trevor Klair

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