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Aug 19, 2008
Our two laying hens, Abby and Penny, live in a coop/run with two roosters. One rooster, Ty, who is more tough and strong, stays with them ALL the time. The other one, Marty, isn't allowed near them, since Ty doesn't let him.
The hens lay nice medium/large brown eggs, one a day from each. I recently tried hatching one of Abby's eggs, but the chick died half way through.
And a few days ago, after collecting the eggs, we used them to make breakfast. I know all about the germinal spor thingy on the yolk, and how you can tell if it's fertile or not, and spotted it right away. All three eggs that we were cracking open were fertile!

So, my question is, are these eggs good for selling to people for them to hatch? We are thinking about collecting the eggs and keeping them until like 4-7 days, and keeping the ones that are fertile, then selling them to people who want to hatch them. ALL three eggs were fertile, and so was the one i tried to hatch, and the one after that that i tried to hatch, too.

Eggs good for selling to breeders?
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How long have the chickens been laying? They arent pullet eggs right? Second, since you only have 2 hens, you wont get alot of eggs to sell. Dont hold eggs that you are selling for more than 2-3 days. You want them to get to the customer within 7-10 after they are laid.
No, they are adult hens. Not sure how long they have been laying, since we got them from someone. They are fully feathered and laying nice, medium-large brown eggs a day.
Ya, that's what I thought. We wouldn't get enough eggs to sell! But we DO have 4 other young pullets who are gonna lay soon, and once they start laying and are settled in with the roosters, we will test for fertility and if a lot of them are, that means we will be getting about 7 eggs a day!
So ABOUT 14 a week.
Sounds like enough, right?
But yes, i agree, just two hens laying one egg from each a day isn't enough.
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