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Dec 22, 2021
Hello everyone,
I am from Dubbo NSW and am about to pick up 3 golden laced wyandotte chooks, I'm getting 1 roo who is 13months old and 2 hens who are 10 and 13 months old. The weather is quite temperamental at the moment ranging from 13's to 20's, our hens have slowed down laying due to the temp and we are only getting a few eggs. I have built a cage for my 3 new birds so they are separated from the main flock and will start selling fertile eggs when they start laying again. We will also be selling our light Sussex eggs. Both these Sussex and wyandotte's are amazing blood Lines and will produce awesome chicks. If anyone is interested in some eggs please contact me at 0401130341 or here. I can post in express egg press safe box or can be picked up from Dubbo.
Thanks, Will

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