Fertile Turkey Eggs?

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by ChrisC8476, Apr 4, 2010.

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    Apr 4, 2010
    Ok I was wondering this is my first year with turkeys I have a pair Of Broad Breasted Bronze They Have begun mating I thought they couldnt because of their size but me female just started laying eggs and I was wondering how I could tell if they would be fertile. Up until a few days ago they were stuck in their coop together since we just had a flood and after the first day of being out she started to lay eggs the first 3 were destoried by her because I didnt have a nesting box set up since I didnt expect her to lay any for some reason someone said they wouldnt lay unless they had mated and they were fertile, So is that true or will she just lay anyways. I cant touch the eggs or get near them since that is the reason she ate the other ones and she has marks on her neck which looks like its from mating, I do know tom tired to get on top once when they were out and about but kept falling off because of his size or it might of been he was getting on right since he was kinda half on her so Im now wondering if maybe from being trapped in the coop some how he manged to stay on top proberly by using the side to keeping him from falling off, Any of this make any sense? Is it worth breaking another egg, or am I just better of waiting it out to see what happens? I dont want her to get discourged from laying
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    Turkeys will lay eggs no matter what....if they are fertile or not....even if there were no tom....they lay...

    I'd crack one open and see if there is a bullseye... [​IMG]

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