Fertility Issues.


9 Years
Dec 4, 2010
St.Albert, Alberta
I never EVER see my little boy runner Kelso doing the dance with no pants with his girlfriend Cali, I'm wondering if her eggs won't be fertilized because there not doing anything?
how old is this drake? my 6 month old WH drake hasnt started doing much either. he head bobs and bites the hen n the neck like he wants to get on... but never does... i dont really NEED eggs till february anyway. i hope they start soon though!
Well, in that type of climate this time of year, the reproductive instincts will be at a minimum (the ducks know that this is a bad time of year to start a family).
Don't worry; if he's like any other drake, he'll have her very well serviced in the spring.
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my 6 month runners aren't doing anything yet either. Be patient as spring gets closer they will start up. Keep the pools fresh and clean when it's not frozen and that will encourage them to be in them bathing and well thats usually where the business gets done

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