Fertility Tested Splash and White sebastopol eggs - READY TO GO NOW!

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    Marty1876 Hi Everyone!

    NPIP tested flock, 4 sebastopols, gray splash and whites, all out of color and white genetics.

    These are certainly good for 4H, my kids placed with the parents last year. Splash sebastopols are mostly white with lots of attractive gray spots on their necks, and gray feathers here and there. The whites are out of white/crossed color sebbies, so you might get whites, or other colors.

    I will ship 1 to 6 eggs per week. I have eggs from the last couple of days at 45* and turned daily. I package every egg cushioned in its own little protective space, all packaged with more cushion in a larger box. I DO NOT mark boxes as eggs, since they can be treated extra rough by P.O. unless you ask for it.

    Goslings will be available at the end of March. I have 11 eggs showing spider veins at day 5, so our fertility is good!
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    Marty, none of our white sebastopols (who your now yearlings came from) were paired with color last year or this year either one. They were and are all white breeding groups that produced your goslings. A couple of the girls carry color, but ARE white visually, and our ganders in those groups are white too.
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