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    Apr 19, 2012
    1. I have 6 chickens - 1 red and 5 barred -- each day i get only 2 eggs (for about 3wks now) - which is nice .... but not what i was hoping for ... why would the others be not laying?

    2. why dont the chickens use the laying boxes i made? haha i went to all the work to make them nice little boxes to lay in -- provided nice hay and bedding -- and they dig holes in the dirt/sand and lay there instead....?

    3. I watch my chickens when they eat most of the time -- i guess because my life is THAT exciting... anyway - i noticed if i put in black sunflower seeds that they will actually dig and find them no matter how i mix the food ... do chickens, like humans, have a natural "desire" for certain things to eat/drink when theyre body needs nutrients or whatever in that particular food.. or do they just happen to like the seeds more ?
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    I'm guessing from your post that they just started laying. They won't all start at the same time, by a long shot. I've had one start at 17 weeks and read of one that started at one year. Also, when just getting started, they will often lay in odd places. Hopefully after a month or so of laying they will use the nests. You could pick up a few golf balls or some other version of fake eggs and put them in the nests, to send a message that this is a good place to lay. Chickens will certainly choose favorite foods first. It doesn't always mean the food is best for them. While sunflower seeds are pretty healthy, corn is low in protein yet they will pass up other foods for corn, even to the point of not getting enough protein in their diet. Most people free feed their chickens with their basic ration, and offer other things in limited quantities so they will get a good nutritional balance.
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    Apr 19, 2012
    kinda wondering if it has anything to do with the rhode island red -- she seems a little more rude or bossier than the others are....
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    Do you have a rooster or just hens? Without a rooster one hen will become the boss. They will naturally establish a pecking order and one will take the lead. She will boss the others around and sometimes peck at them. Kind of like an alpha dog. It is normal and nothing to worry about unless it starts to get too violent.

    I leave feed out all of the time but keep the corn and snacks to a minimum otherwise I have noticed they pick out all their favorites like little kids.

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