FFA Auction will be on October 19th at Topsfield Fairgrounds this year


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Sunday Oct 19th 2014 auction begins at noon - and continues until everything is sold.
Take-ins for donations and consignments are from 9 to 11 am.
Consigners will receive 75% of selling amount.
FFA receives 25% for their annual convention expenses.
All poultry must have NPIP inspections current to be sold.
(Ducks and pigeons are excluded from testing requirement.)
Auction items will include carriers and cages in addition to waterers, feeders, brooders, etc.
and there are always a few chicken/poultry related collectibles that appear.
*(Get your chicken Christmas gifts early...)
Auction will be held at the Poultry barn - with seating outside weather permitting, or inside if we get rain.

Topsfield Fairgrounds, Topsfield MA .
See you there.
I've never been to the poultry auction before but I have a few silkies I'm thinking about bringing. How much do the silkie cockerels and roos fetch for as well as the hens and pullets? What's the age cutoff on the blood testing? My adult flock is tested, but I have some younger ones I would like to bring. They'll be 11 and 16 weeks. Would a sturdy card board box with plenty of holes work for auctioning? Do I have to sell each bird individually or can I sell as a group? What time should I arrive and do I just show up to the poultry barn with my birds?
Four months is the youngest that can be tested. If your testing is current you are all set.

A cardboard box with ample ventilation holes is fine. You can box them singly or as a group, it is up to you. The birds do need to be checked in by 11. Cockerels tend to not go for much, obvious silkie pullets or hens will probably go for a good price. It depends on what else is brought and what the buyers are looking for. Since it is a charity auction people usually are willing to pay extra.
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If I put my birds in a carrier does that mean I have to sell the carrier as well?
No, but it is much easier just to put them in a box. Not everyone brings a carrier to bring birds home in. You can pick one up at liquor stores, grocery stores, or even buy some at Lowe's.
Had a great time at the auction. So happy we went
when's the next big sale or is that it for the year?
That's it until next year, at that location. I couldn't make it unfortunately. How long did this year's last? What were the big hits?
I stayed for the whole thing. It lasted about 3 hours and 45 minutes. It was getting mighty chilly towards the end, but every item was sold. There were easily over 300 items, possibly 400 items there. I bid on a few things, and eventually got the large kennel I needed. There were some hens that went as high as $60 I do believe, but I'm not sure if there was anything that went higher. There were a handful of people that spent 100s of dollars each though. I brought 4 silkies, 3 that I believed to be boys and 1 girl, and I offered to label the boxes indicating as such when I dropped them off. I was told the auctioneer was smart and he could figure it out. Well, every single one of my silkies was sold as a hen, and mine weren't the only ones sold as girls either. I understand why he did what he did, but I was disappointed that he duped folks. They brought in good money though, a lot more than I thought. Does anyone know when to expect payment? I forgot to ask.

I'm thinking about attending (not entering) The Boston Poultry Expo on Nov. 1 in North Oxford. I was going to go last year but something came up. Is anyone else thinking of going? http://www.bostonpoultryexpo.com If so, I could start a new thread.

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