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Aug 20, 2013
El Dorado County, Ca
So i am in my first year of FFA in high school. I know for sure that I want to raise an animal for my project, but I want something that I will come out of with more money than I started with. So I was thinking about either a sheep, goat, or turkey. However, I don't know what would make me the most money. I am certain I could raise a turkey easily, as I have chickens and ducks at go e already. However it would be fun to raise a sheep or a goat because it would be more of a challenge and an overall bigger learning experience for me. But like I said, this is my first year, so I want to raise whatever will make me the most money so I have it to put towards another animal next year. I am also thinking of selling chicken eggs and breeding ducks to sell just for a little extra cash to put towards whatever I raise. So any suggestions on what I should raise would be greatly appreciated. thanks!:D
Pigs aren't a good idea this year, most people are only breaking even if that. I've heard lambs are doing well and cattle, the goats usually aren't as profitable but if you win, that value is good. I say sheep for choice #1. Chickens and ducks will earn like $60-$100 depending how many you show and should be your side project if you can have a large animal.
I raised chickens through 4-H and FFA about 12 years ago. We raised chickens and turkeys. It was all about how deep your pocket book was back then for raising lambs, pigs, and steers. My friend that wont 3 out of 4 years was spending $10,000-$15,000. Which to me isn't right for keeping things fair. Raising chickens and turkeys everyone paid a set amount and each person started with 50 head. Down here we managed to win Grand Champion both years I was there before moving and grand champion back then was $10k!

Just make many phone calls and get sponsors. Companies love helping on stuff like this

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