9 Years
Jun 7, 2010
Hello all,

I have ben doing a lot of research on my Barred Rock hen and I beleive she has 2 Fibrosarcomas one coming out of her vent ( which I thought initally was a prolasped vent ) and has had for aproximatley 2 months now) and then another one on her left upper wing joint ( just found yesterday) Have been eating her eggs for some time now as they are perfect, just wondering if it is safe to have done/ be doing so in light of the possible diagnosis of cancer? Any all all fedback would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Carrie,
I'm no expert but I think you're ok having eaten the eggs. Now I would stop eating her eggs if it were me. Depending on how she is doing you may decide to cull her.
Thanks, right now she seems perfectly normal, would not have even suspected anything was wrong if I did not find the new one yesterday and then did some reserch into it.
Two of the fifteen of my rare buff Chanteclers that we ordered grew up with problems: one had a hunch back (male) and another a big tumorous lump (female). We think it was because the gene pool was too small, being a very rare breed. Eventually they both got put down, the male because we had to take out most of the males anyway and the female because she got too sick. The others were great.

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