fighting Mating Buttons What to do?

Discussion in 'Quail' started by Pumpkan, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. Pumpkan

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    Mar 30, 2012
    I just recently discovered my 5 female button quail are actually 2 males and 3 females!! They all used to get along except for recently when I believe they matured enough!! And of course the males are fighting but I find my black spotted button female running after and harassing my Grey and white female!! ALOT[​IMG]! And the males seem to peak at her to when the other one starts it!! And it doesn't seem that the males are trying to mate with her either??? Is she the fifth wheel? Should I take her out?[​IMG]

    I was thinking of just keeping one male and trading out a female as well ? What would be the best thing to do here?

    1) Keep it the way it is?
    2) Keep the 2 males and two females ?
    3) Get rid of 1 male?
    4) Get rid of one male and get another female?
    5) Get rid of one male and Grey female and get two more females or none?
    6) Keep 2 male 2 female and split their cage in half?

    I'm new to owning buttons so I'm not sure of what all their behaviors mean it's a learning process!! LOL
  2. bfrancis

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    Mar 30, 2010
    Okmulgee Co, Oklahoma
    With my buttons, I've found the best results is to pair them up...if you can tell which ones have already "paired" up on their own its even might end up with a odd one out....but once you start getting eggs, you'll have a match up in no time...or sell or extra(s)

    But all that to say this, pairs (male and female) in one enclosure is best!

    Good luck!
  3. Stellar

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    Feb 6, 2010
    Tampa Bay
    If you have two pairs, can you get another bird cage and put the second pair in there? And then if you need an extra male, I have one that you can pair your extra hen with. That way everyone gets a mate.

    I have A LOT of males that would appreciate a lady friend ;) ;0)
  4. Pumpkan

    Pumpkan Out Of The Brooder

    Mar 30, 2012
    I have the three females, and the two males so right now the three females and on male (speckles) are getting along fine and they are not making any noises just my 2nd male (blue beard) is making all the noise! I only have the one cage and my husband doesn't want me to split it in half since we put so much work into it to make it look nice since they are in our lanai!! So unfortunitly I have one male for sure or a possible 1 male 2 females, or possible 2 males if the other makes noises that need a home!! SUGGESTIONS??? [​IMG] Do they usually quit down when they are with more then one female or just one female?? I don't want to get rid of my birds [​IMG]but I need the simplest and less noisy option LOL And if it takes getting rid of some then I have too!! So the one male is still up for adoption at this point!!

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