Figured it out! Pic of my new jumper!

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    Yes, this is about horses and the first time something gets out of hand, the insults start flying, or anything of the like, I'm sure any mod would be willing to close this one as well.

    ok, after a long discussion with my mom about horses and where we want to go with each of ours we came to an awesome conclusion. Abby (our quarter horse) is to be my english horse and i can take over her training. So, isn't really new, but new to me. She is noly five years old and has a lot of potential. Stormy is going to cut jumping out of her schedule and stick with barrel racing and this is going to be her last year and my dad is renovating a large garage we have into a barn and it is to be Stormy's retirement home. Of course she will never quit showing, just be in trail and pleasure classes and I'll let her go the contesting shows but we'll just canter the courses instead of running.

    SO, today I go out to get Abby and see what she knows. She has been ridden by a friend of mine for a year and my friend rode her two days ago and brought her back pretty worn out.I didn't think too much about it and hosed her off, checked her legs and feet and gave her a drink and a little treat. When i got her out, SHE WAS LIMPING! This mare is tough and she was freakin limping. So I called my friend and said abby was hurt. She said "oh, yeah, shes probably sore cause we jumped so much." THAT IS INSANE!

    So, Abby is in recovery and I lead her around for a while and she loosened up and I put some cold water on her leg and she quit limping. This entire year is going to be dedicated to getting her where she needs to be and she'll start ALL OVER learning to jump in two months. Next year I'll start showing her and hopefully she'll be able to go far under proper training. This little mare is so smooth she feels gaited!

    Does anyone have tips for starting her on english?
    She is a TERRIBLE turner and we've been working small circles but she seems to just bend her neck and doesn't want to bend her whole body. How can I get her to be a little more flexible?
    Her jumping feels really bumpy and out of control. Even with little poles laid on the ground she lets her feet go everywhere!

    Here is a picture of her jumping in a bitless bridle bareback with me on. My position is screwed up so badly because of the way she takes off. Any advice on that? By the way, this was a one time deal and she is always ridden in boots and all protective gear and equipment. We had just seen this and it looked easy.
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    But, you're still going to have the vet out to check out Stormy (especially with respect to the tripping over herself all the time), right, yes, I certainly HOPE from your description over in the other thread?

    Knowing what her current state of soundness is, and what she is likely to be able to handle without further damage, could *easily* make the difference between a good retirement as your 'buddy' versus a short painful unfair struggle under the burden of unbearable work til all that's left is to put her down because you didn't take good enough care of her.

    I am not saying you have not, at this point, taken good enough care of her. What I am saying is, FROM NOW ON you need to make certain, like with a vet's advice, THAT YOU DO WHAT IS BEST FOR HER BODY.

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    Aug 22, 2007
    Oh, yes. The vet is going to be down here as soon as possible. I want to make sure everything is okay. Just because I have another responsiblity does NOT or WILL EVER mean that my first commitments do not matter. Stormy will always come first in my life.

    Edited to add- Today was Stormy's last jumping expedition until our tiny jumper class in two months and then one little one at the fair. Here we are...I bout cried.
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    Aug 22, 2007
    Ok, i talked to a trainer who has seen my mare barrel race, jump, and pretty much compete in every possible event and she agrees that Stormy could go on in different diciplines but she said that she wants to work with me on beginning jumping and xcountry if I have a younger horse to compete with! Abby is perfect! I'm so excited. We start working pretty soon!
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    Good luck in your training with Abby! Stormy is a beautiful mare and thanks for sharing that link to watch you jump! [​IMG]
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    Apr 2, 2008
    Quote:Stormy looked pretty good in that video, as did you! Good luck with everything.[​IMG]

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