Final injury update on Lightball for anyone who has followed her story

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    Jul 3, 2011
    For anyone who has read about Lightball before, you know that on October 16, 2011 she was attacked by a raccoon. The raccoon ripped a big gash in her back and took all the skin and some muscle off her leg. Her back healed pretty quickly but we were worried that she would lose her leg. We had pretty much decided that if her leg needed to be amputated that we would euthanize her. Well, 2 months, 6 surgeries, 12 bandage changes and lots of antibiotics later Lightball is FULLY RECOVERED! Not only that, she was accepted back into the flock (after a little rough time) and is running away form me at full speed again. So all is well that ends well. And I have to say that our chivken vet Dr. Benjamin Otten at All Creatures in El Cerrito is just the best guy and best doc EVER. If you're in the Bay Area, I highly recommend him.

    Thanks to everyone that wished us well and supported us through these trying two months. Now I'd better go close the coop!

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