Final tally -- BRs, Dellies, and ?

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    Oct 19, 2007
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    Now that all the hatching is done, the final count is 4 BR, 14 Delawares, 1 mystery chick. I had 22 Delaware eggs that made it to the hatcher: a couple didn't even pip, one or two pipped and quit, two were millimeters away from making it out but died in their shells. One was at that point when I found her so I was able to make sure she made it out alive. One had no trouble hatching but had non-functional legs that were a bloody mess by the end of the day. He died before I went to bed. [​IMG]

    I think the mystery chick is all or part Ameraucana or Araucana -- the lady I got the eggs from only keeps Dellies, white Langshans, true Araucanas, and Ameraucanas. Judging by the stripes and clean legs, I don't think it has any Langshan in it. [​IMG]
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