Finally, A Good Chicken Dog!


12 Years
Nov 30, 2007
Central Arkansas
I have five dogs. One was so abused, we are lucky she leaves the couch, much less chase a chicken. The Border Collie wants to erd then, the Shar-pei wants to chew (not kill), and the sheltie, well....she's a bad dog.

That being said...our fifth dog, our recent aquisition, Griffin the long haired German Shepherd Puppy.....NO INTEREST!!!!!!!

He doesn't look at the chickens, care about the chickens, even acknowledge the chickens presence! I took him the coop with me, on leash. The Chickens were angry and fluffed and squawky. What did griffin do? Lay down next to me and whuffed. He was bored.

Sweet Baby Jesus, we have a winner! I'll post pics tonite. He's a little rough-came from a "breeder" with 27 dogs, 1/4 acre land, and a single wide trailer with no stove or A/C. He was bottom of the pecking order.

But he's still a winner!
Congrats! I look forward to the pics.
How old is this pup? I quess you'll still have to watch him just in case he has a bad day and decides to chase the girls but you have a good dog to train now!
He was born February 18, so he is seven months old tomorrow!

He's really smart. His only fault is that he lets our bad sheltie (the alpha) work him up into chasing the goats. So when we are gone, he stays outside and she has to stay in the crate. I'm thinking that after a few days of that, and a good scruff everytime I see her barking at the goats, it should go away.

But he does stop chasing once I tell him "no" now. Last week he just kept going. But we practive the "scruff, flip, nip" method of disciple.

1. Scruff them at first
2. Flip them on their back if they dont submit and put pressur on the throat
3. Nip the nose if they still fight. Usually the (gentle) nip shocks them into realizing "Oh crap, mom is MAD."

It works great! No need to yell, hit, pop or anything.

Pictures tonight or tomorrow!
My German grandparents' German Shepherd, Benny, was the only dog around in my childhood and he was an utterly wonderful guy up until he died at, I swear, eighteen. I'm pretty sure. He was playful, smart, mellow, gentle, every good thing. And so dignified.

Here he is, my pretty boy!


Now, wile Griffin doesn't mind the chickens, the chickens mind him greatly. So everyday we go and sit together in the coop with them. I'm hoping eventually they will trut him enough that I can let him out near them and he can chase off other dogs. That will be a ways down the road though.

Here are two more babies (well, 2,5 if you count part of Sophies head!


It goes Sophie, then Ray, then MJ, the agitator! Dont be fooled by her angelic appearnce-sheis da debil!

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bbRedMom, your dogs are all so pretty!!!

My dog is not a chicken dog AT ALL...then again she's a Husky/Elkhound/German shepherd mixing bowl so what do you expect .

You new pup is adorable!

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