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    After the second attempt at hatching shipped E-bay bought eggs I will have a start of BCM's. First batch of 14 eggs in the incubator resulted in one chick hatched that is a little roo. Next setting of 13 eggs divided under two broodies has given me 5 chicks hatched yesterday. I know, not a great hatch rate but does give me something to work with. My question is- should the chicks be solid black? Some have various yellow/ white markings on the throat or abdomen area. Also the little roo has a white feather in his primary wing feathers on one side. Does this mean I should cull him as a breeder? Would like to have bloodlines from two different breeders to work with. Now to wait to see how many hens/ roos from the babys!

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    Congrats on your new babies!! BCMs seem to be one of the harder breeds to hatch. So far, my best hatch rate with shipped eggs has been 40%. As of the other day, I now have 10 myself. [​IMG] The white feathers are juvenile feathers and should molt out. If they don't, or more white comes in with the adult plumage, then I wouldn't use him. There are other things to consider as well; comb, leg color, egg color, feathers on the shanks and outside toes, proper hackle color, size/weight, etc. Read up on the proposed standard of perfection, and breed from there. Lots of problems with getting consistency with the breed so far, so it will take time and work. Good luck, and have fun with them!!
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