Finally! Bed Time!


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Mar 22, 2010
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Usually by about 9pm I am putting the girls into their coop because they are having too much fun in the run. Well, tonight I came home from a friends house around 8:45pm, because the girl's bed time is around 9. I go out there, don't see anybody, and go to look in the coop and there are both my girls! Staring at me like "What's with the disturbance??" I am so proud! They finally put THEMSELVES to bed! Yaaaay! They are 10 weeks old tomorrow, so it's about time lol, but I am proud of them nonetheless!



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Glad your girls are going to bed by themselves.

I wish I had my AC unit on a timer.

I've got to get up, go out and shut it off... it's down to 88 out there now so they should be able to handle it.
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One of the happiest evenings of my life came the night that all of the new babies put themselves to bed!!
It was really getting to be a chore to put 18 little hooligans to bed every night. Especially when the weather was nice. Not a problem when it was raining, but clear nights were a real bugger boo!

Congrats on your two little ones going to bed without being told to. A sure sign that they're growing up!

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