Finally bit the bullet bought a digital thermostate


9 Years
Apr 2, 2010
I finally paid for the digital thermostat offered by incubator warehouse


Hubby installed it into my homemade cabinet incubator and it has had only .5 degree fluxuation all day! Whoohooo I wish I had done this before.

Anyone else using one of these babies?

I need one of those!

I got one in my fridge/bator (really insulated well) been running about 2 weeks out in my unheated garage/nites temp. in 40s in there.Has 2 40w bulbs for heat and that controler.Inside the bator it never lower than 99.3 or higher than 100.3...Built it this summer. Been very happy,will be putting it to work soon ,Trying to get a handle on humidity.Thats way harder than temp. control....cva34
Sure been happy with Mine just like it have 5 hatches on it . <+ or - .5 deg .Put one in my Grand Daughters LG and fan in her LG that couldn'nt get a hatch on a bet Just had 18 out of 24 hatch.Fixing to buy another soon...cva34
Wow... that is great news... mine will be here on Tuesday.... another great find and buy I would have to say was last night at Target.. I walked past the cooking utensils and spotted very nice digital probe thermometers with alarms when your dish has reached the proper degree....set it up when I got home.... and walla.... the evening spike...had alarm set at 101... soon as it spiked to 101 after adding depleted water into the incubator the alarm went off... went in adjusted it... went off again.. this went on for about 45 min till the incubator stabilized... without the alarm... would have never known it spiked and how high it could have gotten..

hoping the thermostat will resolve everything... now if only the humidity would not jump during the day while I am away from home... that would be a blesssing..

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