Finally building! Working on our shed conversion project, pics up!


8 Years
Mar 9, 2011
Chittenden County, VT
We finally started building yesterday, and I think we've done pretty well. We set the posts and attached the fencing, I just need to finish attaching the wire to the supports. We still need to build the doorway for the door into the run. We had some uneven ground so we got creative with our fencing; but it's secure and level. I like the colored lumber we recycled from a swing set. We bought the wire and 7 2'x4's, We had the rest of the lumber from scavenging and other projects.



We still have tin to install for siding the lower part of the shed, the pop doors to cut, 4 windows to install, and building a divider for the open and covered areas of the run. We also still need to build the roost, dropping board and nesting boxes. I'll keep updating this main post with pictures as we go, we are using a lot of recycled material.

Tuesday- May 31st-
My dad came over while I was at work this morning and installed the door into the run, which I'm covering with hardware cloth. He also installed a screen door and the fencing between the large open and smaller covered run areas.



This used to be a cabinet for storing baseball cards, we are going to turn it on it's side and add dividers and a lip for 6 nesting boxes.


Hopefully we'll get some more done this weekend, I can't wait to see this with the windows in!
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