Finally built a Turkey house they like.

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by Wyo Chick, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. Wyo Chick

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    I have finally (after many, many tries) built a Turkey house that they will stay in at night. Every night I lock my Turkeys up with the chickens. They are in a lot that is covered and buried in the ground. We have quite a few predators in the woods. My chickens go into their chicken house to roost, but my 2 turkeys would not follow them. They wanted to get up high. This bothered me becasue they wouldn't get in a shelter from the rain and cold. Well...I came up with this idea after researching and watching my turkeys. I recycled 2 crates from my husband's shop. I put them as high up as I could on concrete blocks. Making sure the wind wouldn't blow it down. I cut a large opening. I place a roost inside. They can even see out throu the slats. They don't like to be boxed in. Finally my turkey hen roosts in there at night and the tom roosts at the door to guard her. Hopefully he will make his way in soon. Sometimes I have to relocate the chickens at night.
    Inside of Turkey house Roost is towards the back of the top crate.
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  2. kuntrygirl

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    I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :love You did a great job! :thumbsup I love the height and as you said, they can see through the openings. I love the concrete blocks that it's setting on. And you recycled which is what I really love about it. You did a fabulous job making it functional for what your turkeys like and need. Now you're giving me an idea of what I can do for a turkey house. Thanks for posting the pics and sharing.
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  3. Wyo Chick

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    Thank you so much. I really enjoy watching my Turkeys and Chickens. I love figuring out what they like and keeping them busy. This is the first time I have had turkeys and I love them.
  4. kuntrygirl

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    Feb 20, 2008
    Opelousas, Louisiana

    And I think that is what sets you aside from people just building to build. You watch their behaviors and you built was is functional for THEM and not what people say to build. I like doing the same thing. I enjoy watching all of my animals behaviors and I adapt whatever to their actions and behavior and what they do. I can want something done one way but if the animals don't use whatever it is I want, then it is a waste of time.

    Good observations! Don't you just love animal science! :)
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    Thank you for posting these! I've only had my 2 for a few months now and noticed the same behaviors as you. I can't sleep at night knowing they are up on top of that shed in nasty weather, but they won't roost anywhere else....even under the big overhang! Tried snatching them at night when they're asleep and sticking them in with the chickens but NO one went for that one. I'll have to show my husband these pics and maybe we can build one for them, too. My turkeys, chickens and I thank you!
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    Sep 16, 2012
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    Are you raising turkeys for meat? Can you use the eggs as we do chicken eggs? My husband is considering getting a couple of turkeys but he has been told that you really should not have them in the same yard/coop as your chickens, with your experiences do you find this to be true? Or is this an old wives tale? I am going to share the turkey coop pics with him recycled will peak his interest. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Chaty

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    Jul 8, 2007
    I have my turkeys in with my chickens and they dont have a problem with each other. I am having problems with the new turkeys that I have just got as they can still fly so its time to clip some wings I guess. I dont like them in the trees or maybe flying into my yard as my inside dogs might have a turkey dinner before I want them too. I have Bourbon Reds, Royal Palm and Blue Slates. I am going to incubate some eggs this year. I have 7 turkeys in all, so I need more and I dont like my turkeys sitting as they try to go by the road and predators will get them.
  8. wsmoak

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    Thanks! I'm looking for a good roosting area that I can secure at night, and I know they want to be high up off the ground.

  9. Wyo Chick

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    My turkeys and chickens do just fine together. I haven't noticed any problems and they have been with each other for about 9 months. I have turkeys for fun. I love to watch them and listen to their noises. Even though, I didn't know they were so vocal!
  10. frank53061

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    I guess I just lucked out then because before having Turkeys I decided to make my Turkey coop two story but the dang Hens still want to fly on top of it and roost I have to knock them off every night just to stuff them in the second story and lock them in for the night [​IMG].

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