finally finished with the coop **pics**


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6 Years
Mar 25, 2013
okay finally done....i hope :) we have 3 chickens and I can't wait for them to go outside, LOL..they are making a huge mess in my sunroom.....we found this coop online but my husband made the plans for the run ($150) so it wasn't to much...there is 2 side sections that open to get in the run, and the top are in panels that are removable....the fence is buried 12" under....hoping my babies love it!!!

this is the side, put a stump there for my daughter to get the eggs....the fence is buried 12" under the ground...

this is the top, it's comes apart in sections to be removed for cleaning....and has latches to keep creatures out....(my husband wanted to put a piece of sod in there, it will probably be gone in a week, LOL)

inside the coop....with sand box...

part of the top is a covered section....oh and that's a little pond we made from a tractor tire

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