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    My barred rock hen has been spending extra time in the nest box the last couple of days... she was in there last night and I kicked her out to perch properly, then she went back in this morning and stayed all day. I guess she's serious!

    She was sitting on at most her own egg from today, plus the ceramic egg... so I poked the two that the other girls laid today underneath her. Actually I wasn't brave enough to put them all the way under, with her growling at me, but I got them sort of stuck in at the edge, and when I checked later she had pushed them underneath.

    If today is "day 1", how long can I keep adding the other girls' eggs? How many is normal for a hen to sit on? (Wondering if I should check with Red Roof hens down the road and buy some extras!)

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    I would put all the eggs you are going to put under her at the same time so they hatch together. Otherwise, once the first ones hatch she might abandon the ones still in the nest waiting to hatch. So maybe put any eggs you get tomorrow under her then stop, that way they'll all be within a day of eachother. [​IMG] Good luck with your hatch!
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    i ussualy put about 8- 10 eggs and i put them in on the second day and just leave them
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    Silly thing was sitting on... the ceramic egg. She hadn't even laid one of her own before she decided to sit. Chickens would apparently die out quickly if this is the kind of instinctive behavior they have!

    So... off to Red Roof Hens to pick up half a dozen hatching eggs. I picked out eight, and she threw in extra to make an even dozen because it's been so hot she was worried they might not all be fertile.

    Of course, the hen was OFF the nest this afternoon when I left to go get the eggs, and STILL off when I got back, but I lured her back into the run with some scratch and she apparently remembered what she was supposed to be doing. It's hot enough that I really don't think they're in any danger.

    So Ms. hen is sitting on fifteen! Six Easter Eggers, three Lavender Orpington, three Blue Laced Red Wyandotte, and three Buff Orpington. A few were poking out here and there, but she managed to get them all arranged and puff up properly over them. Now we wait.

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    She's down to 12, having kicked three out of the nest so far. I don't think she's doing it on purpose, there are just too many and when she rearranges, them, they tip over the front of the box. So, hopefully an even dozen is a more manageable number. [​IMG] -Wendy

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