Finally got a new chook!


Jun 12, 2019
Australia, Melbourne
So it’s been a while since I’ve had two chickens so my current one, Madonna has been a bit lonely for while. I was in the middle of practicing my cello when my mom yells out, “We got the chook!”. Bare in mind that I’m still in school and this is a school night so at about 6:30 she called me, got into our clothes and off we went. When we arrived our new chicken was waiting for us at the door and I could already tell that she was going to have a different personality than Madonna. We got home at about 7:15 and we thought that she’d be tired, hungry and thirsty after a trip from a far so as I was giving her a check over for mites, injuries and anything else suspicious my mom gave her food, water and TLC. We stuck her in the coop when it was pitch black so my other chicken wouldn’t freak out, but I’m not sure how it’s gonna go this morning when they see each other but I’ll let them work it out because I definitely can’t speak chicken. I haven’t got a photo yet but I’ll do my best to get one up, I just hope I have better luck with these two than my other two, oh well!
Well just got home, and the new chook has settled in well with my other but something was wrong.

Yesterday I took Madonna to the vet to get her ‘limp’ checked out. The vet said it was odd but everything else looked healthy, gave me antimflammtory to dose her everyday with and she was treated for tapeworms too. The next morning came (today) and I left to school. Got home and I was told by my sister that Madonna had regurgitated some yellow stuff and ate it up twice (gross). I don’t understand, her crop is normal and she’s got an appetite and is still drinking, she laid an egg today and made friends with the new chook. This always happens when I get another chicken, either it gets so sick we have to put it down or it gets ill and we have to constantly take it to the vet and then we end up with a lonely chicken.
Maybe your original bird is carrying some disease that makes the new homesick but doesn't affect her. It is also very stressful for a single bird to adapt to a new home and diet. That stress can bring out health issues in chickens.

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