Finally had to say goodbye to Maggie


Aug 7, 2018
San Antonio
We had to give up Maggie today. We loved this big goofball Pekin, but he would pick a Muscovy female for a couple of weeks and terrorize her. The recent one Jessie, holed up in the back corner of our yard where he was too big to fit, but then he would just sit outside and wait for her to come out. And she wouldn't. If we chased him away he would return and sit and watch her. It was kinda disturbing, honestly. And if she did venture out, he would hone in on her and chased her down and mount her. She is a strong duck, and tried multiple times to run away while UNDER him and he rode along for the ride. We penned him by himself, and that was the only time she would come out. We've feared that his relentlessness would end up causing injuries to our sweet, gentle Muscovies.

Put him on craiglist, and within 2 hours a farmer south of us contacted me. He picked Maggie up this morning and promised us that the homestead would be a place Maggie would love and thrive in. It was bittersweet seeing Maggie gently loaded into the cage in the truck.

Now, Jessie freely walks around the yard. Sunshine and Duckter, Maggie's besties, seem to be doing okay and they travel with the Muscovy crew more faithfully. Seems everyone is on better terms all around.

My husband does want to eventually get Duckter another female of his own kind, and he wants to get a female runner. It is going to be tough, since we will want to get a mature female in the spring, and most people only offer up babies. But, we are hopeful.

Thanks to everyone on here who gave advice when I asked for it when it came to behavior and things to do to try and curb this day. We area very grateful to this community for so much help.

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