Finally - I got a blue egg layer

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by Wildsky, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. Wildsky

    Wildsky Wild Egg!

    Oct 13, 2007
    I am so excited, my little girl SKY laid her first egg yesterday - its BLUE!!! a pale SKY blue egg [​IMG]

    Here is SKY


    Here hatch mate Moon also started laying - a lovely olive green egg
    This is MOON

    Here are the eggs, placed next to a white one:

  2. arlee453

    arlee453 Chillin' With My Peeps

    Aug 13, 2007
    near Charlotte NC
    Congrats on the blue eggs!
  3. Chirpy

    Chirpy Balderdash

    May 24, 2007
    Congrats on the cool colored eggs! I'm still waiting for my first greenish eggs - hopefully only another month and I'll get some.

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