Finally! It's REALLY done!


9 Years
Apr 18, 2010
Now on to the run.....

We FINALLY got the coop done! The older birds have been using it and the hoop coop (which was only ever supposed to be temporary) for the last couple weeks ever since the babies got here...but now it is REALLY DONE! All that is left is the run and the electric fence, and all that should be knocked out today! FINALLY! It's been such a pain in the butt to round up the chickens, move the chickens, work a little, put them back for the night...wait a day...get a moment....move everyone out...start work again....most of this is due to the fact that it has been HOT! And that makes us all work so much slower!

I can't wait to have them in Coop Knox and be able to sleep at night! Today we should finish the run and then I will be able to rest in the morning as well!

Below are the roosts that my husband was SO very proud if when he figured out what I was talking about:


Then the inside in all it's glory (I think his best friend Frank, who was in charge of nest boxes, went a little over board - same with the DE...I think Frank REALLY went a little overboard with that as well, but at least he is trying)


And the front door, which they fought me on, but I won
They wanted to paint it all white, I wanted reverse barn colors - see?


Even though they have already been using it, I still think of today as moving day, since now they will have everything they need - it's exciting to finish something!
Oh, that is VERY nice! Very nice indeed! Love the roosts and poop boards! Nice arrangement.

Frank just might have gone overboard on the nest boxes, I agree. But looks real nice all lined up that way, all of them. How many layers?????
I like
You all did a gr8 job. And I love the color of the for the DE it will blend in before you know it..really can't use enough of that stuff. It looks great.
Looks great. How long have you had chickens here? I'm also in the Conroe area and we are slowly building our first coop. My biggest concern is having enough ventilation to not have it roasting in there over the summer... Any tips that you've learned would be greatly appreciated.

Good work.
Thanks and yes...WAY too many! I really want to keep no more than a dozen chickens...though I have the feeling that before too long the boys will be expanding the coop or putting out another one...that may be the reason for the extra long as my original dozen have a happy place to stay, I don't care what the men folk do! Maybe he was trying to fill the empty space under the poop board? IDK...either way...THANKS!!!! I have seen SO MANY wonderful coops on here! I am glad ours turned out decent

Oh gryeyes: I think the answer is 12 layers - that leaves 5 sq ft or so inside per bird just in case we have another crazy winter they will have somewhere cozy to stay....though I know the boys are trying to convince me to make it 24...we shall see....I really do feel an expansion coming on....
Yup, just the rubbermaid totes - think we paid like $3 or less at Wally World - then used a box knife to cut a hole in the lids...then my hubbys best friend continued cutting holes in the extra totes I was going to used to store OTHER stuff (not even chicken stuff!) became nest boxes! Oh well.....I have learned to bring my stuff in the house sooner now!

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