Finally let the girls out.


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May 16, 2008
I havent posted in a long while, since Milton had to be put down. We have had the girls for over two years now and have always kept them in the run. This past weekend I was helping a friend who also has chickens and has let them run since day one. I decided to let them out when I got home. Not the greatest idea since we were going to a show that night and they werent back in the coop before we left. Nonetheless, it went smooth. They have been out everyday this week and I have to say they are so happy!!! Some may know Milton was picked on very badly and seperated, she survived the winter only to die this spring. They started to bother my EE'er "Pig". In the week since letting them out Pig has rejoined and they all hang out. The eggs are HUGE. But, I have a feeling the girls are leaving the eggs around the yard since production has dropped to 2 eggs a day from 8 hens.

Also, we were out with them the other day and they began to act wierd...Laying down and spreading one wing out. All of a sudden one put an eye to the sky, a hawk was way, way up circling...a wierd noise from that chicken and they all ran right to shelter. It made me feel good.

So, do you think an egg hunt is in order this weekend? or should I let them do their own thing. Any thoughts about putting nesting boxes in the yard? I live in a wooded area without a fence and a lot of growth.
I think an egg hunt may be in order, but first how old are the birds? Lots of us are experiencing egg shortages right now with winter on its way and molting birds.
I personally don't believe in giving them a choice of outside nestboxes. They are suppose to lay in the perfectly good nestboxes in the coop and if they forget that, they can spend a little time locked up in the coop while they remember.
My flock free ranges all day, every day. So far, no hidden nests uncovered.
Good luck to you.
Only three hens are older. I also have seen a slow down in laying lately but think there should be at least one or two eggs more a day in the boxes. I will have to poke around the yard and keep an eye on them this weekend.

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