Finally - Magical 10th Posting - From Tally Fla


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11 Years
Oct 30, 2008

Hip Hip Hooray - This is my Tenth Post

Now past the Magic Spam Filter

Where's the "Rooster Crowing" smiley thingy ?


Aww, we'll work on that



Hello Folks ...

In Tallahassee Fla, been a 'Member' here a while

Finally did enough postings to get into the Sale Area


Must move some Serious Birds™

Entire Flock

Check out the Info/Listing in due course

Well ... Sorry, till that egg is ready, it ain't time



Ok, if you want a 'sneak peek' - 'candling' so to speak ?

Is a Wild Feral Flock of Red Game Fowl

And I'm probably the only one who can catch them (least easy - smile)

Have a little 'look see' @¿@

Later On ...

Thanks, BC


Hey Cajun

You mebey know de Zydeco Man ?



Now - keep posting 'something' here - anything

Even if it's just the goofy ramblin's of a Geezer


They all 'count' - be to 10 'fore ya know it

And break through that wall


BC, nice flock of birds, think you should post your link in the 'for sale' section if you are trying to sell - rehome some of those. I like the colors of those hens.

marebear ...

Thanks - Hello to you and your "Family"

And 'wildlife conservation' ?

Humm, working on a 'project' in that field

AND 'Missouri' ?

Good, now for sure will let you know about 'it' when ready to ask

"Is this going to be our time?"



Trapper ...

Hey to you too

Will pass your 'regards' along to the Ladies (smile)


Now, can you be specific on what it is about the colors ?

Anything(s) else that caught your eye ?

Happy to learn ...

About all I know for sure - they're probably Feral
Been Wild and Free for 30+ years
And very suspicious they might be fairly Unique
So want to do all I can to present them properly


Thanks All, BC

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Welcome! I am about an hour west of you on 20. I am down to just one feral rooster around here. A lady's grandkids let them go years back and they managed to survive till just recently he is the only one left. He looks like these.

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