Finally moving to the farm!


10 Years
Jul 7, 2010
Memphis, TN
I am so excited to finally be moving back down South to my family farm where I can apply more of the amazing knowledge I have gathered through this site, and others. It's been two or three years now of serious study and applying small sustainable farming practices to every little bit of land I can find. My small little lot here in Anchorage is literally overflowing with rabbits, chickens and plants. I'll have about 3 acres outside of Memphis, TN to work with when I make it down south in July or August (ugh, it will be HOT!) which doesn't sound like much...but when all of your experience comes from intensive farming in small urban spaces, any more than that would literally be overwhelming. LOL

So, now I get to honestly and truly consider which breeds will suit us as a heritage dual purpose flock for eggs, meat and exhibition. I am so excited to be moving somewhere I will actually be able to road trip to shows. I've been working for several years now on my line of rabbits and people down South have been doing GREAT nationally with that line, but I haven't had the opportunity to show down there. And forget about real poultry shows, even if I were able to have developed a line of birds here—which I can't, because I can't have roosters. : /

At the top of my list right now:

Rhode Island Reds
Those GORGEOUS Barred Rocks
Houdans (Can't help it—can NOT resist the spots and poofy)
And of course my beloved Delawares

Now to narrow it down. AND to plan who all I will stop to visit on my drive back to Memphis from Alaska. I expect quite a few of you are somewhere in between—including you, Kathy In MO!

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