Finally outside!


Jan 28, 2011
Easternshore of Maryland
I finally got my goslings and ducklings outside yesterday! The biggest gosling kept escaping the brooder and greeting me at the chick nursery door every morning. I figured they must be big enough to go out, and boy was I right! I kept thinking they weren't big enough to go out with the big ducks, but they are now bigger then them. They all got along great, no chasing or biting. In fact the big ducks are a little nervous about the new guys. Please excuse the muddy pen, we have had some terribly rain lately and just trying to get it dried out has been terrible.

Group shot of the new guys (think they were in my house at this size!) Ducky Momo (Snowy Mallard), Perry (Black Swedish), Cilly Goose (Tufted Roman), and Loosey Goose (Pomeranian)

Loosey talking to the camera

Cilly checking out the camera

The new digs


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