Finally the wait for our first egg is over!

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  1. Hello everyone,
    Thank you to everyone, who helped keep me calm during this long wait for our first egg.
    Well it finally happened this morning!
    It is so tiny and was laid by Pepper our black sex link chicken.
    Here are some photo's I took of the egg and Pepper.
    See in the photos how tiny the egg is in the carton. I labeled it 1P. 1 for first of course and P for Pepper. I want to see if they get bigger as time goes on.
    I hope the other two start to lay soon too.
    I also took a picture of some of our new button quail chicks that were hatched on Saturday. See the little yellow one in the photo. It's going to turn our white, which is since both parents are normal in color. I have had silver chicks before when I was breed silvers, but never a white one.
    There are 9 chicks altogether, but the rest were out of the nest with Mum and Dad.

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    Love first eggs!
  3. OH! so do I!. My daughter was so excited she was jumping up and down and freaking out.
    We had chickens when she was a baby, but she doesn't remember them.
    So this made it really special for her.
  4. Darn chicken laid one egg and then stopped again. Is there such thing as chicken whisperers. I think I need one of those to come and have a word in their ear and tell them to lay or else [​IMG]
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    Congrats! That first egg is the best!!! Go Pepper! [​IMG]

    Don't worry, she will get more consistent. Our BO started laying every other day at first, now she's a daily layer!
  6. Thanks Chickiegirl for your positivity. I think its probably more frustrating for me than Pepper. I am a worry wort.
  7. Yes, it's not uncommon for them to get you all excited that they're laying.. then decide to go 3 or 4 days before laying another egg. It may take a couple of months, but eventually she'll get the "hang" of it and lay normal size eggs on a pretty regular schedule. Once in a while my newest layer will lay some oddly speckled eggs or super long and narrow ones, and I have another that lays double-yolk eggs about twice a week. Some days I have 5 eggs and some days I have 2 (I have 5 hens that are 8 months old). It's kinda like a guessing game.. who's laying today and how many odd ones will I get?

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