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  1. I have finally able to replace the themometer and hygrometer. It been in there for 20 min now. Temp is 94* and Humidity is 56%. It's the thermomenter/hygrometer from walmart that I have seen in SEVERAL incubator pictures.
    how long should I wait until I get an exact result? I know that the temp needs to be about 102.
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    you know i dont know, but if i reply to you it will put your post back at the top, so hopefully someone can help you. Hang tight. [​IMG]
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    if you just bought it, I would test it by calibrating it. Mix half a cup of salt water to 1/4 cup of water. Leave the mush in the coffee cup and place the cup carefully in a zip lock baggie. Also put the hygrometer in the baggie, dont let the salt water touch the sensor. Wait 6 to 8 hours and it should read precisely 75%. If it doesnt then you will have to adjust it to read 75% if you can. If not, then you will have to flucuate your numbers when it is in your bator. Meaning if in the zip baggie it reads 73% you know it is off my 2%. So in your bator whatever it reads, just add 2% to that number.
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    I agree about calibrating for humidity (but you don't have to measure the salt & water if you don't want to--just add small amounts of water to a small cup of salt until you have wet salt the consistency of wet sand--you don't want the salt dissolved--but measurements are useful for those who prefer more precision [​IMG] ).

    On the temp, whatever it is reading this morning should be as close as it's going to get--what does it say?

    However, my acu-rite thermometer from walmart reads low, I believe--because I've had late hatches with it both times. So I'm gradually increasing my temps until I get the hatch I want--by half a degree this time and we'll see how it goes.

    Hopefully, your thermometer will probably be close enough to work. But there's no guarantee it's exactly right. Which irritates me because you would think the companies that make them would understand that if you are measuring the temperature you'd rather like to know what the temperature is. [​IMG]
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    sounds like wal**** thermohygro can be trusted, but, no wal**** here and i've check the website and it writes that they don't send to other country beside of 48 state of USA.

    disappointing, because i heard from cammy that the wal thermohygro is cheap enoughl $8.

    ew, heather, hope can heard from you about the accuracy of that thermo, but, i think you can *test* it by placing another thermo close to the current one. can't it?
  6. The real price for it was $6.50 but it was on sale for $3.00 yesterday. already calibrated it over night. Hygrometer is at the correct setting but the temp seems to be 2* off since I have checked it with my large room themometer (which is accurate).

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